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Kainjoo Consulting Group SA is born

Morges (Switzerland), the 1st of January 2015 – The new board of Kainjoo Consulting Group SA is proud to announce the successful transformation of our company into a new legal form. A while back, despite people asking and claiming that creating a new firm in marketing, creatives, and technology wouldn’t be helpful, with Alexander Imhoff, we took the flame high enough to convince customers to follow us.

What is our vision? Continue this expansion and disrupt brands with a new view of the world.

We plan to continue focusing on regulated and complex industries globally. This is the sweet spot where we feel having value while keeping a human based-size. How to think like a network firm on 5 continents without having to support the disadvantages of the size? By adopting a lean methodology right from the start. Our model is challenging, but it is proven true, especially in organisations where people spend more time on political activities than the actual value of brands. There is space for firms like Kainjoo to bridge the gap between complex brands and agility.

This is just the beginning, and we hope to bring more good news in the concise term. We are thankful for the partners that led us to this point, and we wish to take them further to reach their goals.

About Kainjoo Consulting Group SA

Kainjoo Consulting Group SA is a strategic consulting firm operating for ten years in Switzerland and internationally, serving regulated industries in their brand technologies requirements. The company is independent, focusing on crafting winning strategies for commercial operations, blending creative branding, neuro-marketing and emerging technologies and channels.

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Orsen Okami
Orsen Okami
Kainjoo is a brand-tech firm serving regulated industries with Kaizen and Six-sigma ready brand activities.

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