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Is Kainjoo running background checks?

It is important for Kainjoo to hire suitable candidates, and background checks for our HR team members narrow down the candidate pool to the most worthy individuals. Understand below more about background checks at Kainjoo, why they’re important, what they entail and how we conduct them.

What is a background check?

A background check is an evaluation method that Kainjoo uses to determine the validity of a job candidate’s information in their application. It highlights potential red flags with a candidate before further consideration for a Kainjoo position.

These checks included a criminal background check and social security number trace. Kainjoo waits until the conditional job offer phase to run the check, and depending on the type and depth of the check, waiting time and costs are two of the variable impacting the process.

Why Kainjoo is running business background checks?

Kainjoo conducts background checks to ensure only the best candidates are chosen to contribute to our client’s business. Kainjoo needs to ensure we protect our clients from individuals who may display fraudulent or reckless behaviour in the workplace.

Apart from mitigating the impact of a disastrous hire, state and federal regulatory compliance is a significant benefit for Kainjoo. Proper record-keeping is required, and it’s incumbent on Kainjoo to comply with regulatory standards, so it doesn’t lose its credentials or reputation.

Finally, background checks will improve our workplace safety.

What Kainjoo need to run a background check for employment

The basic information we require is the candidate’s full name, social security number and date of birth. Kainjoo might need permission to get the potential employee’s criminal report and other records, such as school transcripts. We could also ask for social media handles to check the candidate’s online presence.

  • Social security verification: By verifying the validity of a candidate’s Social Security Number (SSN), we determine if they are truthful about their identity and whether they have the right to work in the country. We may access social security records through the local authorities via a third-party agency.
  • Criminal record: We may need to research evidence of a criminal record to make sure the candidates haven’t previously participated in fraudulent activities or currently have warrants out for their arrest.
  • Drug testing: Drug testing may be a necessary component of a background check to prevent a lack of productivity in the workplace and increased team member turnover rates.
  • Credit check: A credit check allows us to verify trivial information about a candidate, such as their name, address and contact details. Credit checks may also help you determine how responsible they are with money. This is important, mainly if they apply for a finance position or a role requiring money-handling.
  • Employment history: Background checks also verify employment history. Something as simple as an internet search can confirm or deny the validity of a company and a candidate’s qualifications.
  • Motor vehicle record: If a candidate is expected to drive a vehicle as a part of their job, it may be necessary to review motor vehicle records to check for bad driving habits and speeding tickets.

How we conduct a background check

Kainjoo HR teams usually outsource background checks for employment to a professional service such as Edward Galle, but we also conduct some ourselves.

  • We tell the candidate you will be conducting a background check: to remain in compliance with the local laws, we need to email each candidate outlining the areas you will be checking. Also, we provide an attached document for you to sign electronically that confirms your consent to proceed with the background check.
  • Review state laws about background check regulations: Before conducting a background check, we check your country’s specific rules and regulations regarding what information employers can check and what information constitutes dismissal for a candidate within your area.
  • Contact candidate references: We ask candidates for two to three references to verify their qualifications for the job at hand. Kainjoo HR teams email each connection to set up a phone call to discuss the candidate. Kainjoo prepares a list of questions to ask to confirm or deny their skill sets and work ethic. Kainjoo HR teams may even decide to meet the references in person or via video chat to verify their identity.
  • Using background check websites to review records: we can hire a professional background-checking service to find evidence of criminal backgrounds and other civil documents.
  • Ask the candidate to take a drug test: If the job you offer requires employees to drive a commercial vehicle, care for children or work in a potentially dangerous environment, a drug test may be necessary to determine the safety of your other employees and customers. We send candidates to a doctor’s office for a drug test or have a certified professional collect a sample during appointments in the office.
  • Review of the results to determine a candidate’s validity: After gaining access to background check documents, we review them to determine if the candidate is worthy of working at Kainjoo. If the recruiting team doesn’t feel comfortable based on the information you uncover, proceed with other candidates who may better represent your company.

Frequently asked questions about background checks for employment

How long does it take to get a pre-employment background check?

The amount of time it takes to receive a pre-employment background check results depends on how many items Kainjoo want to include, such as a credit check and criminal background check. For this reason, it could take between 48 hours and five days to get results.

What causes a red flag on a background check? Here are some examples of potential red flags:

  • Consistent gaps in employment could point to an inability to keep a job.
  • There’s evidence of previous criminal history that a candidate didn’t tell Kainjoo about.
  • Despite listing it on their resume, there’s a lack of proof that they attended a college or university.
  • There are discrepancies in their previous employment history.

What is considered a clean background check?

A candidate’s background check is clean with no significant felonies, convictions or misdemeanours. We might also consider their background check clean if the candidate confirms previous criminal activity, but it isn’t relevant to your industry or the job role.

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Is Kainjoo running background checks?

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